Mini Mobile Gas Station Benefits

Who Benefits?

Everybody! From consumers to businesses to entrepreneurs who see the opportunity to provide mobile gas delivery services, MMGS is a convenient solution for anyone who has ever toted a gas container.

How Do You Benefit?

With the MMGS delivery system you save:

  • Money – No more gas containers to purchase or buying gas that sits idly until it’s needed.
  • Time – No more extra trips to the gas station to fill containers.
  • Lives – Gas containers are flammable and dangerous to store in garages and utility sheds (click here to learn more in this NBC News Report).

Lifestyle Benefits for Consumers

  • Access to fuel on demand in your private vehicle to fill your mechanical equipment and other vehicles (motorcycles, snowblowers, lawnmowers, boats, snowmobiles, generators, etc.).
  • No additional trips to fill up gas cans, which are dangerous to transport and can create hazardous risks in your home due to potential vapor leaks or spills during the transfer from container to vehicle.
  • Eliminate human error and eliminate accidents related to fire and potential loss of life.

Commercial Benefits for Businesses

  • Access fuel on demand at job sites for commercial machinery (generators, heaters, heavy duty equipment, compressors, work trucks, etc.).
  • No more time-wasting or work stoppages to make fuel runs, especially when  gas stations are far away from job sites.
  • Safer way to transfer fuel to reduce potential accidents and workforce injuries.
  • No more traveling with multiple gas cans, which has the potential to be extremely dangerous on the roadways.

Safety for All

  • Eliminate potential fires and accidents in transporting, transferring and storing of gas cans in your home, warehouse or job site.
  • Modernize the way you safeguard your family and workforce.
  • Reduce accidents that are often created by human error.
  • Eliminate environmental and hazardous material accidents due to spillage.
  • Eliminate access with the tamper-proof pump controls – only authorized users can use MMGS.

Save Money

  • Eliminate using inefficient fuel on your gas-powered machinery. Since Ethanol has been added to most fuels, any fuel older than 30 days begins to break down and can do harm to combustion engines, carburetors or fuel injection systems on your personal, recreational and commercial machinery.
  • Eliminate gas theft with the tamper-proof pump controls. If you don’t know the system access code, you cannot use MMGS.
  • Save unnecessary trips to and from the gas station to fill gas containers. Whenever you fill up your gas tank, you have your very own safe and secure gas pump sitting in your driveway whenever you need it.
  • MMGS is ideal for rural settings where gas station trips can be 20+ miles round-trip.
  • Save money at the marina and campground when you fill up your boat, motorhome & ATVs.