Gas Delivery/Storage
Has Never Been More Convenient

The Mini Mobile Gas Station (MMGS) is a new technology that delivers fuel on-demand – directly from a vehicle’s gas tank.

When you need to fuel up, simply activate the MMGS with your password on the dedicated dashboard keypad, extract the hose from your gas cap compartment, and fuel away. It’s that simple.

Instead of running to the gas station to fill up and store gas containers, your vehicle’s gas tank is your container. No more plastic or metal gas containers – which are a potential hazard – taking up room in your garage, storage shed or shop.

MMGS is a U.S. patented solution for consumers and business to safely transport, transfer and store fuel for personal and commercial usage.

How it Works

See demonstration video below.

Meet the Inventor

Pat Paolucci, Founder/Inventor

Pat Paolucci Mini Mobile Gas Station
Retired master plumber Pat Paolucci has always been mechanically inclined. When Super Storm Sandy hit Pat’s New Jersey neighborhood in 2012, the power was out for 14 days, creating numerous hardships for millions of East Coast residents.

During that time, where some residents were without power for up to three months, the constant hum of generators provided some relief for those lucky enough to have them and the fuel to run them. Daily trips to the gas station and standing in long lines was the norm just to fill multiple five-gallon gas containers to keep those generators running.

After two days, Pat began exploring “a better way” to acquire, transport, store and deliver the gas he needed to fuel his generator.  The end result:

He developed and eventually patented the Mini Mobile Gas Station.

Initially designed in response to a natural disaster, the Mini Mobile Gas Station now can be used to fill generators, recreation vehicles (motorcycles, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, etc.) and mechanical equipment at home or on job sites (lawn maintenance equipment, snowblowers, gas-powered construction tools, etc.). Most importantly, the Mini Mobile Gas Station provides the ability to transport and store fuel in a safe and secure manner, which will help reduce accidents, fires and loss of life.

Pat’s patented invention has been welcomed by automobile manufacturers and aftermarket auto shops. It is expected to change the way we collect, transport, store and dispense fuel.